Meet The Team

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riley bode

Riley owns the Basement and it's her absolute favorite thing about Rexburg. She loves the neon signs, the vibe mix of bohemian and grunge, and she thinks the best part is when a new band comes and blows everyones mind. Pure magic.

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sam shelton

Sam is a senior at BYU-Idaho studying Secondary Education. When she's not at the basement, she can be found watching tiktok, hanging out with her cats, Charlie and Alaska, or making Poor Sports merch.

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matt butterfield

Matt can do it all! This sophomore music major at BYUI can run the door, the stage, AND the soundboard. He just released his first single, Moonlight, and you can find it on Spotify and Apple Music!! 

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justin angell

Justin started showing up to the Basement all the time and 2 months later, he had a job! We're so grateful he did!!! He runs our stage, and has become indispensable. He can play the harmonica like nobody's business, and is always looking to expand his pedal board.

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basil ramos


Basil is our sound engineer that can make anything sound great! He is so talented with our sound board and I don't know how we got so lucky with him! He just got engaged, loves to talk about cars, and has so many great ideas when it comes to the Basement!

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noah shelton

Noah does the accounting for the basement and we'd be in tax jail without him. He is the front man for Poor Sports, has so many cats and reptiles, and loves having a space to play his music.